Marine, Folk Art

Bronze yacht signal cannon  ( takes black powder charge ) made from bronze salvaged from the US Navy Ship the “USS Maine” with bronze plaque reading “Feb 15 1898   USS Maine   March 16  1912”.  The 1st date is the day the Maine blew up in Havana Harbor, Cuba and the 2nd date, March 16, 1912, is the date she was finally sunk by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Strait of Florida after she was raised 14 years after blowing up and towed out to sea.

Before she was sunk for the last time, bronze pieces were salvaged from her and made into a small number of commemorative pieces, including this cannon & plaque.

The sinking of the Maine was instrumental in the US entering the Spanish American War and gave rise to the yellow journalists slogan “Remember the Maine !” to stir xenophobic fervor surrounding the war.

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