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A 19th century half hull of Schooner B. Frank Nealley of Portsmouth, NH.  Perhaps the most outstanding 1/2 hull we have ever owned.  The schooner has graceful lines, the model is beautifully built and has lots of provenance.  Built in 1880, the schooner was named for B. Frank Nealley, ( 1839 – 1910 ) of Portsmouth, NH.  The model was sold by Mr. Nealley’s great niece.  It had been in her family home in Portsmouth since the early 1940’s. The schooner was registered in Portsmouth.  From 1880-1890, she sailed under Captain Oliver.  From 1890 – 1897 she sailed under Captain J.M. Hendy.  She was sold to Jim McKay in Florida and used to run cattle to Cuba from Tampa, FL from 1890 – 1901.  She was then sold to an owner in Mobile, AL.  By 1910, all records of the schooner cease.

Dimensions: 12″ h x 57″ w x 10″ d

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